Why Parents Love and Choose Jogging Strollers

Many people think that jogging strollers only became available in this century, but that is far from the truth.  In fact, the jogging stroller has some colorful and regal heritage. 

The historical version of running strollers dates back to 1733, and was built by a landscape architect names William Kent.  History says that Kent made a model with nothing more than a shell-shaped carriage, a goat harness, and some springs.  Within a few years even Queen Victoria was using one of these trendy carriages.  Naturally, once the Queen had one, everyone else wanted one as well!

Of course, throughout the years the carriage evolved into the sleek and sturdy strollers we use today.  It just goes to show you that good ideas do stand the test of time.  The many improvements in the running stroller over the years have improved the safety of the stroller and the ease of use as well. 

The main concept of the jogging stroller is for exercise, however many people use this type of stroller because the large wheels make maneuvering the stroller much easier than a standard baby stroller.

Exercise Just Got Easier 

 As exercise became more popular, runners asked for even more changes when it came to jogging strollers, and the manufacturers complied with those demands.  Today, you will find jogging strollers with wheels that practically turn on a dime and sleek looking designs that are modern, yet functional. The more expensive models are even made with state-of-the-art suspensions systems that allow parents to push through the most uneven terrains. This means you can jog through the park, on country-side roads, as well as smooth city sidewalks!

Jogging strollers are the most sought after baby strollers on the market today and for good reason.  More people than ever are health conscious, and that means finding a way to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into a work-filled day.  Before the popularity of the running stroller began this was almost impossible for a parent.

Busy moms have no time to take their children to a sitter just so they can get in one hour of running, so the answer is to take baby with them.  With the right jogging stroller this is not only easy and convenient for the parents, the children love getting outdoors as well.  It fact, jogging with the children can be something the entire family can do together!  To encourage your children to run along with you, throw some sandwiches and juice snacks in the storage compartment and jog to the park for a picnic!

Also, jogging strollers have been setting a fashion trend of late too.  With bright colors and sleek designs, you will see runners wearing outfits that match the colors of their strollers, as if not matching would be a fashion disaster!  No one says you can’t look great and exercise at the same time! 

Jogging Strollers Versus Traditional Strollers

Some people love to use a jogging stroller for their regular outings and the reasons are something to think about.  For example, a regular baby stroller usually has two wheels in the front as well as two in the back.  This makes them harder to turn and steer.  The width of this type of stroller is also challenging and can make getting through doorways a chore.

A jogging stroller has just one wheel on the front base which turns easily in any direction.  With a jogging stroller that has a swivel wheel you can easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces with the stroller.  Just remember to lock the wheel in place before jogging.

Another difference is that most standard strollers have a stationary handle whereas a jogging stroller will many times have an adjustable handle to meet the height requirements of different people. Comfort and fit when jogging is extremely important.

Wheels on a jogging stroller are large and easier to push as well, so doesn’t it make sense to purchase a jogging stroller as your all-purpose stroller?  Many people purchase a regular stroller and a jogging stroller both, but it really isn’t necessary.

One important thing to remember when jogging with a stroller is that your child should be at least six months old.  It is okay to take them for a ride, but no jogging until they are older, so any bumping or jarring won’t hurt them.


Varieties of Baby Strollers

There are many different varieties of baby strollers, from the umbrella stroller to the jogging stroller, but one feature that is most important to parents is portability.  The problem of choosing a stroller arises when you have to trade one feature for another, because all baby strollers are not created equal!  And although this site is mainly about the running stroller it is important to know all types and what is available to you and your family.

Below is a list of the varieties of baby strollers and some of their features.


Umbrella Strollers :

 The umbrella stroller is lightweight, small, and easy to carry, just like an umbrella.  It takes up very little room and can be stored almost anywhere.  The problem with this type of stroller is comfort.  They may be good for short trips to the store, but for anything longer this is not a good option for your child.  Many people have the umbrella stroller as an extra stroller because they are very inexpensive. 

Lightweight Strollers :

This is a little better than the umbrella stroller and does provide a seat for your child to sit in that is more comfortable as well.  There are usually no other features to the lightweight stroller, and it may not have storage pockets. 

Medium to Heavy Duty Strollers :

For years there was no such thing as a jogging stroller and you would make your choice from medium to heavy duty baby strollers.  These are still in demand today by parents who don’t like to jog, and they have many amenities to go along with them.  Most have lots of storage compartments, but remember that many of these strollers take up lots of storage room and aren’t that easy to fold down.

Stroller Travel Systems :

The stroller travel system is by far the most popular stroller today because of their versatility.  Most travel systems have an infant car seat and carrying seat that clips in and out of the stroller system, which can also be used in the automobile.  A system like this is one your child can grow with from infancy to well into their toddler years.  They cost more but if you pro-rate it over the years you will use the system it could very well be the best way to go.

Universal Car Seat Carrier Strollers:

 This stroller is different in that it is merely a metal frame with stroller wheels that you can clip on an infant car seatUniversal car seat carriers will work with most known brands of car seats.  The problem here is that once your child is past the infant stage you will still need to purchase another stroller.

Multi-function Strollers :

This stroller is not one you hear much about and it is similar to the universal car seat carrier except it does a lot more.  A multi-function stroller will hold a bassinet, a car seat, or a regular child seat, whichever you need.  This is very much like a complete travel system.

Jogging Strollers :

Some people call this type of strollers “active strollers”, but what is important is that with a stroller like this you can walk, jog, run, or even go over all-terrain with them.  They are for people who love physical activity and love to have their children along for the ride. 

The jogging stroller usually has large wheels making maneuverability really easy and a smooth ride for baby.  See the three types of jogging strollers below, and be sure and check with the tops brands before making a purchase.  The top jogging strollers today are the Bob RevolutionBob Revolution DuallieBob Ironman, Bob Sport Utility and the Jeep Overland.

– One Child Jogging Stroller

The one child jogging stroller will have a weight capacity of 50 to 75 pounds, depending on the brand you purchase.  The seat will be wide enough for the child’s growth, yet be small enough to maneuver easily.  These are usually lightweight and easy to fold and store.

 Two Child Jogging Stroller

The two child jogging stroller has a weight capacity of 100 to 125 pounds and will give you an option of the seating arrangement.  You may choose a stroller with one seat in front of the other, or you may opt to have the seats side by side.  Keep in mind the side by side seats will make the jogging stroller wider, however one with front swivel wheels makes maneuverability a breeze.

Convertible Bike Trailer/Jogging Stroller

This type of stroller is very unique and great for people that love to jog and ride bicycles.  It can easily be adapted to hook on the back of a bicycle, or you can add the front wheel base for a great jogging stroller.  

What is The Proper Way to run with a Jogging Stroller ?

Jogging is a great way to keep in shape and burn lots of calories, but it’s important to know how to jog properly with a jogging stroller.  Safety is just as important for the runner as it is the baby, and if you jog on uneven terrain there are rules you should follow. 

One thing that bothers joggers is they feel they can’t jog as fast when pushing a stroller.  You should also be aware that you will jog one minute per mile slower when pushing a stroller, but your workout will be more intense and burn more calories. Now that you know you will still be getting a great workout, don’t worry about running at your normal speed.  Here is a safety checklist for jogging with your baby.

  • Lock Front Wheel : Never jog with the wheel in the swivel position because it’s too easy for the stroller to tip over.
  • Strap Child in Completely : Even though most jogging strollers give baby a smooth ride, be sure and strap baby in completely for their safety.
  • Avoid High Traffic Areas : It is best to plan your jogging route where traffic is not real congested.
  • Use Hands at All Times : Don’t be tempted to push the stroller and then run hands free for a while.  Hands should be on the carriage at all times!

How to Compare Jogging Strollers ?

There are many things to consider when comparing jogging strollers, but the main points to consider have to do with your lifestyle and what you need in a stroller. 

  • First think about where you will be jogging the most.  Will you be jogging in the street, or possibly on rough terrain in a park?  When comparing the wheels on a jogging stroller you need to know that the larger the wheels, the easier it is to push, especially over rough terrain.
  • Suspension is important in a jogging stroller as well.  When comparing one stroller to another look for ones that have a good a sturdy frame and suspension.  The better the suspension the smoother ride for your child.  Good suspension on a stroller is like good shock absorbers on a vehicle!
  • Storage is also important when making a comparison.  Look for jogging strollers that have a storage compartment beneath the stroller and one on back as well.  You want to be sure you have enough room for your personal belongings and all the necessities you need for your child.  If you plan on being gone for several hours you need room to store diapers, clothing, toys, and snacks.
  • Child and parent trays are also helpful when out jogging.  The child’s tray gives your baby a place to lay food or a toy to keep them occupied.  A happy baby means a happy jogger.  A parent tray will have a space for a drink, cell phone, and other necessities.
  • Seating is a consideration as well.  There are jogging strollers with one seat and others with multiple seating if you have more than one child.  There is controversy on whether the seats should be side by side, or one in front of the other.  The decision is really a personal preference. If your children sit side by side the view is great but getting through doorways will be a lot tougher. 

Some Top Brand Jogging Strollers You Might Want To Consider 

Purchasing a name brand stroller is usually a good idea.  Manufacturers of name brand strollers got where they are because they produce quality products and stand behind their workmanship.  Here are just some of the great jogging strollers available today. 

  • Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller – The Bob Revolution single stroller has a front wheel that swivels or can be locked in place when needed.  The two-step folding system makes this 25 pound stroller easy to fold and carry as well.  You will also love the adjustable suspension for smoother rides for your child.
  • Jeep Overland Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller – The Jeep Overland has a fixed wheel and can’t be unlocked to swivel like the Schwinn Turismo, however many people feel the fixed wheel is much safer.  This stroller also stands up in a folded position and can also be rolled while folded.  You will also love the super-grip handle that can be adjusted for individual height.
  • Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller – This version of the Bob stroller is for carrying two children and will hold up to 100 pounds.  It has all the other features the single Bob Revolution has as well, including the adjustable suspension.  The fabrics for the Bob strollers are washable, stain resistant, and come in a variety of colors for you to choose from.
  • Bob Sport Utility Single Stroller – For people that love rough terrain the Bob Sport Utility stroller is ready for anything.  This stroller not only has the adjustable suspension it has a two-position shock absorber system to help make your child very comfortable.  With a front wheel that stays locked in place for ultimate safety you can travel almost anywhere.
  • Bob Ironman Single Stroller – The Bob Ironman is one tough stroller and for added safety if has a front wheel hand brake.  The front wheel is fixed in place, just like the Bob sport as well.  The weight capacity for this stroller is 70 pounds and the shoulder harness is padded well for extra comfort. 

The brands of strollers on this site are the ones we feel have the most to offer and the best warranties.  The Bob strollers come with a five year warranty on most of their strollers and if you go with Jeep brand you will find that the Graco 30 car seat will also fit on it. 

Price may be an important factor in the jogging stroller you choose but there is no need to worry.  There are strollers available of great quality that will fit almost any budget.  You can always add the bells and whistles, like the parent tray, or rain cover later on.  

There are many more running strollers that you may also want to consider.  This site is here as a guide to help you find the best jogging stroller to fit your needs, so feel free to read some of our other articles, such as How to Choose the Best Jogging Stroller, or Top Jogging strollers.  We even have a jogging stroller FAQ just to help answer any questions.  We are here to help you understand everything you need to know about jogging strollers and we would love your feedback and opinions as well. 

Let us know your view points or reviews you have about different jogging strollers. There is nothing that helps another parent choose a stroller more than the feedback of someone who has already used that stroller.  If you know some interesting facts about jogging strollers please let all our readers know.

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